Red Blood Cells

A frame from animation of a red blood cell in vessel concept.

Blank Canvas

Blank template for any message.

Bare Walls

Blank walls let the mind wander.

In a White Room

Another bare room

VR Concept

3D VR Title Concept

Pyramid Randomosity

Random stream of pyramids. All hand placed before I thought of better ways to do it.

Blue Plates

Simple modern background design for printed and digital layouts + copy.

World Extruded

Planet Earth Extruded

Glowing Honeycombs

Modern Looking honeycomb background with simulated bokeh effects.

3D Home

Extrusion of walls in a simple home layout.

Curved Abstract

Available as a 3D model on the downloads page.

Sphere Network

Networked spheres abstract technology concept or infographic element.

Ice Cubes

Ice Background Elements for graphic design.

Glowing Mesh

Glowing Mesh Landscape concept for graphic design elements.

Generated landscape

Randomly generated

Future City

Dark city with glowing edges.

Translucent Bubbles

Abstract background element made from translucent, light scattering spheres.

City Light

Early morning light rising above cityscape.

Glow from the Hallway

Volumetric lighting showing beam of light pour into large room from the hallway.

Abstract Backgrond Plates

More abstract background elements. Made from layered plates.

Network Connections

Randomly generated network of blue spheres and wired connections between them.


Shattered black sheet dark background element for graphic design.