Country Road

Country Road 2

Forest View

Hilly Road

Hilly Road 2

Autumn Chairlift

Autumn Chairlift 2

Fall Foliage

Distant Bay View

Light on Terminals

anything you see in monochrome can also be printed in colour

Distant Terminals 2

Bay Overview

Bay Sunset View

Lone Tree

Deep Fall Colours

Autumn Birches

Fresh Fall Snow

Fresh Fall Snow 2

Fresh Fall Snow 3

First Snowfall

Ride To The Top

available in colour as well

On Piste Overview

Boardwalk Sunset

Boardwalk Sunset 2

Rocky Shore

Rocky Shore Monochrome

Windswept Pine Island

Collingwood Harbour

Harbourview Sunset

Harbourview Sunset 2

Towards The Shipyards

Sunset Sail

Boardwalk Sunset 3

Boardwalk Sunset 4

Terminal Silhouette

Shipyard Sunrise

Bayside Sunrise

Devil's Glen Autumn

Devil's Glen Lookout

Distant Foliage

Devil's Glen Autumn 2

Big Red Tree

Forest Trail

Forest Sun Flare

Forest Overlook

Autumn Overlook 2

Autumn Overlook, Panorama

Autumn Chairlift 3

Forest Trail 2

The Top of Blue

The Top of Blue 2

Red Seats

Defoliated Boardwalk

Defoliated Boardwalk 2

Defoliated Boardwalk 3

Winter Trail

Blue in Winter

Bench with a View

Bench with a View 2

Harbour Sunset, Monochrome

can be printed in colour

Harbour Sunset, Panorama

Fire and Ice Harbour Sunset

Fire and Ice Harbour Sunset 2

Icy Shore Sunset

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Information About Collingwood and Area Scenic Photography

All of these works are available for custom order printing, framing and mounting to display in your home or office. Licensing for commercial clients allows for use online and in other printed media. Not all images may be available for commercial licensing. All images are captured in extremely high resolution. If you don't see what something you like here, let me know - I have a lot more. For every image here there are several more variations like it within my personal library.

Please contact Chris Gardiner for more information.

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Commercial Licensing

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