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Please fill this form to the best of your ability and comfort level. Currently all positions available are contract based until further notice.

How do you want to help?

We receive requests for all areas of Central Ontario Canada, with the bulk in Grey Bruce and Simcoe Counties. Please share what capacities you're most interested in working in. We have some specific training materials to share, some resources that can improve your workflows in these fields, and work oportunities in the places you want to work!


Providing your availability helps to ensure we send you only the work you want to take. No answer is a deal breaker for any question here. We'll be able to send the right work your way.

Please share any relevant information you have at this time.

NDAs and Non-competes can be for different reasons. Some projects, knowing they exist or will exist on a calendar at a date and time is a confidential knowledge my clients entrust me with on behalf of their clients. In order to work with others on these jobs, I will seek assurance of a similar understanding in anyone I work with for this reason. Which may extend to the content able to be posted publicly (including social media), online, before a project has been launched or published for or by the client.
Some non-competes may be involved if we share or particular routines for photo video shooting or editing, that will significantly improve workflow efficiencies. And for those investments of knowledge into partner contractors, we'd seek a more formal arrangement in some respects.

Tell us about some of the equipment you own to complete the work you're setting out to accomplish. Independent contractors are required in most cases to own their own equipment. We have some sharable resources to facilitate more efficient workflows for you.

Compensation Choices

As in an independent contractor relationship, you are required to set your own rates. Please share how you most often bill your clients or how you would choose to be compensated in our future arrangements, include any pay arrangements you're open to.

Thank you for your interest in working together. The information you provide will be helpful in providing you with an accurate response.


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Thank you so much for your interest! Looking forward to speaking more with you about suitable opportunities together! -Chris Gardiner