What We Do

We design marketing materials across all media

Over 10 years of design and marketing experience for digital and print media through photography, videography, print layout, web design, and 3d. Now, I'm extending my services to helping realtors, and their content creators in Ontario, Canada, North America and globally. I also showcase a range of content on the Chris Gardiner Photography Youtube Channel to do with real estate marketing and photo/video tips you can do right now to improve many aspects of the work you may do.


We are here to help you edit your real estate photography. HDR or 'Flambient' or other complex workflows, we've got great rates with magazine level quality.


Able to help with all facets of the video production pipeline. 3D Tracked titles, frame-perfect video editing, fresh music choices and custom branded graphics, your video marketing will shine.

3D and More

Virtual Staging, Virtual Renovations, Pre-Construction Rendering, 2D and 3D Floor plans, next level visual marketing materials we can produce for anyone, anywhere.

Web Design

Our custom web design pipeline guarantees a completely custom single property website for your new listing.

Floor Plans

We can take your builder plans and make them look good for marketing, or make your simple 2D marketing plans and give them a full color or 3D treatment.

Print Graphics

Everything from custom magazine ad layouts, business cards, property feature sheets, letterheads, and more.

Production Background

It's What We Know!

I've built a business from the ground up on these services locally, and am now here to share them globally. Proven workflows and techniques I've developed over the years are now here to share with you.

Service Oriented

Ambassadors to Your Business

Our goal is to help your business look it's best, whether you're a fellow photographer or digital service provider, realtor, developer or property owner.

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We can't wait to work with you. Please reach out now to talk about what we can do to help you, starting today!

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