Smart Web Presences Built Affordably

Real Social Content

Pages that are built to be engaging and shared online, whatever your niche using current best practices for SEO (or search engine optimization).

Responsive Designs

Websites that look great on every device, and pages that load fast for visitors on the run. It is important to have pages that 'respond' to display in the best way for each particular viewer. Go ahead and try resizing this browser window to see what I mean. Making your content look great, and entirely accessible with responsive HTML 5 designs.

What We Do

  • We Know It

    We've been dealing with professional hosting and domain control since 2009. Let us help you through it.

  • Built on a Solid Foundation

    Tried tested and true process for getting you the design you want.

  • Technical Support

    A year of personal technical support is included with all designs.

  • SERPs

    Our custom approach will help you attain the coveted top of the google search results pages without paying for ads!

  • Photos Galore

    If we can tell your story through photos, we will. That is after all, one of our major services. One photoshoot is included with most designs!

  • Social Friendly

    We want to make it easier for your page visitors to find your social pages so you can connect on more levels. We can integrate all sorts of social plugins to your pages, and we can even take over your social media to keep it active.

  • Pages that Sell

    The freedom of running your own digital storefront is possible. I can help you get a small online storefront up and running.

  • Learn About Your Visitors

    Pages that will help you learn more about your visitors and what they were looking for when they found you - the information that can help improve any business.

  • Service First

    Every project ends with a happy client!

You'll Be Happy You Hired Us!

Keep it Simple

Our services are as easy to understand as your new web space will be to use for it's visitors!

Within Your Budget

Not only is it in your budget, but our comprehensive designs are one of the best values out there!

Measurable Success

We can show you exactly how many people you are reaching, and how your initiatives change that number over time.

We Want To Work with You

Don't hesitate. Let's get your website up, and running now!

Grow Your Collingwood Ontario Business Online

I love our community of Collingwood and the Blue Mountains, and want to help fellow entrepeneurs of the area grow their small and medium sized businesses online exactly as I have. My emphasis is always on client care, service and satisfaction. Custom websites will perform well in search rankings, bring a constant stream of new leads, and look so good that people will be confident in your work because of your taste in website aesthetic - I hear it all the time and you will too!
Collingwood is only growing in the coming years. Ensure your business is prepared for the new search engine traffic that could be coming your way with it. Learn how to rank in local searches for your field in a tried tested and true approach to SERP and SEO optimizations without shady tricks or extra expense on paid traffic generation.

We can provide a wealth of relevant local stock photo and video of Collingwood and the Blue Mountains to your business' online presence.