The Grand Road Trip

Highlighting a month long road trip to the National Parks of the USA and Canada

30 days, 10,000 kilometers, something like 18 parks and campgrounds, compressed into one short film. (May 2012)

Maybe the oldest edit I've made that would be something I'd still include in my portfolio. It was quite a journey, and I made this edit within weeks of getting home from it. There would be thousands of images to sort through and hours of footage - which took me a year to do - but this was something I wanted to whip up while the journey was still fresh in my mind. Making stops in Waterton, Banff, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Bryce, The Grand Canyon, Zion, Olympic - basically anything worth seeing, we tried to see.

I had great visions of making a variety of short videos to showcase this particular trip but so far - this is the only one - maybe one day. It was captured on an original GoPro HD Hero, and an Olympus Tough camera - our only two 'video-capable' devices on the journey, besides old blackberry cell phones. I was set on the music for it - Johnny Cash's I've Been Everywhere - which seemed fitting for the ground we had covered on the trip.

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