Stock Footage Collection

Part Highlight Reel - Part Advertisement

A random collection of some of my stock footage available for sale, produced to be an advertisement of my services. (October 2015)

This short clip is special to me in so many different ways. Firstly, it's the most random collection you'll likely ever find in a single edit - yet somehow remains cohesive. Secondly, is on their own - they're some of my own favorite clips for a variety of reasons. It was built, in theory, to showcase my work and build referrals to Shutterstock Footage buyers.

Walking through the forest, macro view of mosquito on human skin, timelapse from inside a camper's tent overnight, horseback riding first person view, the northern lights, city streets, and so much more - just a fragment of what you'll see in this short yet diverse clip. The music was a pleasure to edit to - another song in the creative commons library, and the second piece I've used by Kai Engel.

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