Aerial Photo and Video

Using drones and elevated perspectives showcasing your property in a striking and unique manner.

aerial photo of a house near collingwood for real estate marketing with a drone
Aerial drone photography gets your Collingwood and Blue Mountain Real Estate listings noticed online, especially when they have views to the bay, the escarpment, or acres of land to be explored!

Always trust your aerial photo and video needs to Transport Canada licensed and insured professional operators. We have extensive experience in providing photography and video from our 4K professional camera 'drone' or UAS, as well as perfect alternatives for locations where flying a drone is not an option.

There are numerous benefits to using drone or aerial photo and video in your property marketing approach. Your clients will see you going the extra mile to market their property, prospective clients will appreciate your more in depth approach to selling homes, and both of those together mean you'll eventually start winning more listings than your competition.

For more information on aerial photo and video, please visit our dedicated aerial media website



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View some Examples

Cabin on the water captured by drone aerial
House in autumn forest shot for real estate by drone
Aerial view of Georgian Bay Ontario
View over a house and the shore of water

For more information on aerial photo and video, and more beautiful examples, please visit our dedicated aerial media website

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