Real Estate Agent Portraits

Portraits and Headshots that will convey your professionalism to a client

open conceptreal estate interior with big window views

In addition to creating beautiful photographs of interior and exterior properties, I also have the skill, equipment, and know-how needed to create beautiful professional portraits on location or in my studio office, that make great additions to your feature sheets, business cards, websites, printed advertisements, and LinkedIn pages.

Where do we take the portraits?

We bring our mobile portrait studio to you.

Can you provide me transparent images?

Yes, I provide multiple versions of each portrait. Some with transparency for using in new designs, some on white, some on black, or on any other background you like.

Can we do 'environmental portraits'?

Absolutely we can. I love mixing some location and ambience into my portrait photography. If you have an office to showcase, or want your portrait in the foyer of a beautiful home, or outdoors, we can certainly accomodate. No extra charge involved.

Can you capture a whole team's worth of portraits?

Part of keeping up a top-tier team appearance is having a unified look to your branding. One way to help that process along is for everyone to have a professional portrait of a matching style. We can easily accomplish this for you.

How do you price business portraits?

The first individual's rate includes the photographer's time, and the mobile studio setup. Each additional person to be photographed can be added on to the package at a massive discount.

I see a green screen?

Through local partnerships, we can offer a green room studio space for photos of larger groups at once, versus the standard single individual portraits, or the cut and paste jobs of fitting multiple people into one image with photoshop.

portrait of a man on a white background
portrait of a woman on a bright background
two portrait angles of the same woman on white background
real estate team portrait on a green background in a studio setting