Realistic Sky Swaps

Change the ambience of your exterior views

view of a house under a blue sky, which is actually faked and was very overcast

About Sky Swaps

Sky swaps involve taking an image, generally captured on an overcast day, and replacing that overcast sky with one that is much more blue and sunny. This is accomplished through specialized photo editing methods. The result is a photo that has more visual impact and appeal than the original image with a dreary sky.

Are there ethical considerations to sky swaps?

Recently, it has been in industry related news about the ethics of sky swapping for real estate. Everyone is welcome to their opinion, and my view is; I am not changing the look of the house - that is to say, anything that a prospective buyer would be purchasing. Instead I am only changing the weather on the day of our shoot. In the real estate business, you always want to work in your client's best interest, and two interests are getting listed within their timeline, and getting images that will highlight the beauty of the property. Sometimes these two things cannot go hand in hand and so, we arrive at the sky swap. We shoot on the best day for yours and your seller's schedule, and even if the weather isn't perfect, we can make it look that way.

Making a believable sky swap

There are a variety of techniques to accomplish this, and some certainly look better than others, and some can take exponentially more time than others. Through a technique that we haven't seen anyone else demonstrate, we're able to provide fast sky swaps - means ultra-cost-effective for you - and have them look as good as the kind that can take half an hour to produce. We do this through careful matching of perspectives, contrast, ambient lighting, and more for a proprietary technique that is entirely our own.


All of these images were captured on cloudy, overcast days

balcony view under a photoshopped blue sky
sky swap image, showing blue sky, from what was a cloudy day
a fake blue sky added to a real estate photo
a sky replacement photograph for real estate