Trusted Google Views

Showcase your business with Google Maps and a Trusted Photographer

a cropped equirectangular panorama of an interior house with google street view trusted photographer branding

Use an interactive virtual tour of your business to ignite your business' listing across all Google Platforms. Hire a Google Trusted Photographer to capture your storefront and share it on Google Maps.
Google Maps Views allow your prospective clients and web traffic to discover and explore your business, online using the familiar Google Street View interface, 24/7! Support for this functionality positions you as an early adopter of some of the latest internet marketing technology, which will help you stand out among your competition.


What Do You Do?

I capture the photos necessary for Google's Street View viewer, and get those photos into the Google Street View and See Inside system so that they can be viewed by your web traffic anywhere, at any time.

Do You Work For Google?

No. I am an independent freelancer, with training and an understanding of Google's requirements. Google allows me to represent my understanding of their requirements by providing me with a "Google Trusted Photographer" badge I can use in my marketing materials.

What Is The Cost?

The cost is based on estimated square footage of the area to be included within the tour. It can range from $200 for small shops, to $3000 or more for locations like hotels requiring extensive coverage.

Can I Use The Tour on my Website?

Once the tour is online in the Google Maps System, the tour can be embedded within a web page, or shared on a social media.

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