Collingwood Area Real Estate Photography Information

bright window view from a modern real estate property overlooking mountains and lake

I've been using a camera professionally for more than ten years now which has allowed me the fine precision control that is required to capture interiors perfectly. I use every technique at my disposal including; precision optics and lenses, top quality and sturdy tripods, and fast, effecient external lighting, so no matter the time of day, the lighting within the house, or the weather outside, all the details are bright, sharp and visible in every photo. I utilize special techniques in order to achieve accurate and totally true to life color rendition in every single photo.

What is the typical turnaround time?

Photos are turned around within 24 hours of shooting, and often within the same day! I provide a large selection of images for realtors so the choice is yours when it comes to which ones to use on the MLS listings and your feature sheets. For your convenience, I provide the images under an unlimited non-transferrable license so you can use the photos in just about every way you can imagine to make sure that property gets the attention it deserves.

How long will it take to photograph a property

I need to spend approximately 45 minutes inside the average property of 2000 sq ft. if I am shooting photos only. Adding additional services or larger spaces requires more time spent within the property. It is best to have the property completely staged before I arrive ready to photograph it. Please see my staging suggestions for some ideas to help your images stand out beautifully.

What size are the photos?

I deliver them in a very high resolution that allows each photo to be printed as a full page magazine in photo quality.

Is there a photographer's watermark?

There is never a photographer's watermark or photo credit attached to any photograph I deliver for real estate, property or architectural photography.

Will you travel?

I work primarily photographing architecture and real estate in Collingwood and The Blue Mountains, and I will travel to the surrounding areas of Thornbury, Wasaga Beach, Owen Sound, Meaford, and all over the Georgian Bay Area


aerial view over water looking at a waterfront property for sale
nighttime twilight photo view of a house in the evening
real estate photo of a house on a snowy landscape under a bright blue sky,
natural looking interior and real estate photography

Please visit the gallery to see some examples of interior and exterior photos I've created.